1996-12-05 Local Press

Summary of Local Press Clippings from Mexico

December 5, 1996, Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) Inc.

The actions of the Electoral Tribunal, concerning the PRI's representation in the Congress of the State of Mexico are particularly noteworthy.


Lozano Fired, Madraro Steps In

On Monday, December 2, President Zedillo fired Attorney General Antonio Lozano and replaced him with the head of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Jorge Madrazo. Lozano, who had come from the National Action Party (PAN) to join Zedillo's government two years ago, was facing increasing pressure and criticism for his handling of the investigations into high level political murders in 1994. Along with him, the Special Prosecutor in the Ruiz Massieu murder case and other PAN collaborators were also removed.

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1996-11-27 Local Press

Summary of Local Press Clippings from Mexico

November 27, 1996, Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) Inc.


Another Guerrilla Movement?

With its "Declaration from the North" a third guerrilla force announced its presence in Mexico last week. In a communiqué (which was not accompanied by military action) the Revolutionary Army for Popular Insurrection (ERIP) declared four principal demands, including agrarian form, financial and technical support for peasants, a new development model, and the creation of jobs. The new group's social base is reportedly in the areas of La Laguna (Durango and Coahuila) and the Yaqui and Mayo valleys (Sonora) in the northern part of Mexico. Analysts say that the group does not appear to have a Marxist theoretical basis, nor do they appear to have previously been involved in armed struggle in Mexico.

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1996-11-20 Local Press

Summary of Local Press Clippings from Mexico

November 20, 1996, Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) Inc.


PRI Approves its own Reforms: Breaks Agreements

On November 14, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)-dominated Congress passed its own version of an electoral reform over the objections of the three opposition parties represented in Congress. After close to two years of negotiations between the government and the opposition parties, the PRI bench in the House of Representatives backtracked on 16 agreements reached during the negotiations In addition, they approved their own proposal for public financing of campaigns, which was about double the amount proposed by the opposition (see our comments from last week). One member of the PR' argued for reaching a consensus, but his fellow party members screamed insults at him and moved his seat to the opposition section of the House. (La Jornada, 15 November)

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