EMC Introduction

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© The Emerging Markets Companion (EMC) website is launched to service professionals, individuals, academia and media organizations considering investments or information covering the Emerging Markets.

EMC compiles and aggregates sourced content from various contributors, both within and outside the Emerging Economies, in order to present an integrated, comprehensive and diversified view of the Emerging Markets.  News, market commentary, analysis, pricing data and fundamental research are assembled in way to enable a global yet detailed review of financial and economic activity.  The format provides a well-edited and convenient platform for global investors, multinational managers, news media and academics.

In the near future, EMC will offer daily pricing, news and research updates to investors from contributor updates from key emerging economies and 3rd party research, analytics and investment strategies.

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Press Release, September 2013

logo© The Emerging Markets Companion (EMC) is The Financial Source for the Global Investor™

September 30, 2013,

The redesigned EMC web based service is re-launched with a fresh new look, clean design, fully functional links and navigation.  Initially, the service is limited to providing access to the extensive link coverage.  During the following months, incrementally varying content will be added to the site, as part of our on-going effort to relaunch the fully functional service.  Readers are encouraged to register in order to receive progress updates with component availability, a future newsletter and ability to download content.

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