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  1. Greece promises US it won't help an Iranian oil tanker reach Syria

  2. Trump says the Fed is the 'only problem' with the economy, calls Powell 'a golfer who can't putt'

  3. Bank of America CEO Moynihan says the consumer is doing well and will keep US economy going

  4. Italy's crisis could lead to 3 different scenarios for its volatile bond market

  5. Iran looks to slash four zeroes from its spiraling currency

  6. Danish royal family 'surprised' by Trump's canceled visit

  7. Fires in Brazil's Amazon rainforest surged by 84% this year, space agency says

  8. Norway's $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund grows during volatile second quarter

  9. Venezuela's Maduro confirms secret high-level talks with US officials

  10. China may need more than a new interest rate to stimulate its economy

  11. Apple is turning to a Chinese firm for premium iPhone screens, report says

  12. British Airways could soon power planes from everyday waste

  13. Boris Johnson looks for an EU ally in Merkel as he seeks to save Brexit

  14. The EU — not Boris Johnson — will trigger a no-deal Brexit, says strategist

  15. Don't 'mess up Macau' — gambling hub set to choose Beijing-backed leader

  16. A no-deal Brexit could unleash a flood of fake goods in the UK, retail expert says

  17. Uber rival Bolt launches food delivery service in Europe

  18. Huawei faces a 'life or death crisis,' CEO says as he lays out 'battle' strategy amid US pressure

  19. Why Chinese overseas investment growth is set to slow further

  20. Central banks in Asia are cutting rates to prop up their economies — but that may not be enough