2000-01-24 Kazak Corporate News

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Monday January 24, 2000

Air Transportation

The Air Kazakhstan Group (AKG) and the international Russian airline Aeroflot are close to signing an agreement on global partnership.

The President of AKG, Alexander Krinichansky, told a group of government officials that the agreement on global partnership will provide AKG with access to Aeroflot’s sales system, along with the opportunity to fly through Moscow to international destinations, including North America, for the first time. He added that he is optimistic that, if the agreement is signed, AKG will carry at least 50,000 of the 253,000 passengers who travel to Kazakhstan each year.

The airline’s chief stressed that a strategic alliance with Aeroflot will allow AKG to better compete with the three primary foreign air carriers now operating in Kazakhstan—KLM, British Airways and Lufthansa.

Krinichansky also revealed that a possible, similar alliance with Swiss Air is currently under negotiation.