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  1. Trump calls Boeing 'a very disappointing company' as 737 Max crisis grows

  2. CDC confirms first US case of coronavirus that has killed 9 in China

  3. Jamie Dimon says his one big worry is negative interest rates

  4. Trump impeachment trial: Here are the highlights from the first day of debate in the Senate

  5. Trump says GDP would be near 4% and the Dow would be up to 10,000 points higher if it weren't for the Fed

  6. Weekly mortgage applications pull back slightly after strong start to 2020

  7. Patriotic Millionaires' letter to Davos calls for 'higher and fairer' taxes on the global elite

  8. Ugly brawl breaks out at end of Kansas State-Kansas game

  9. Security consultants hired by Jeff Bezos think his phone might have been hacked by Saudi crown prince, report says

  10. Trump says he trusts China's Xi on coronavirus and the US has it 'totally under control' here

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  12. Netflix paints a happy face on growing threat of US competition

  13. Mnuchin on trade barriers: 'We want other people to take down the Berlin Wall'

  14. Johnson & Johnson beats Wall Street expectations on profit, misses on revenue

  15. Trump says Elon Musk is like Thomas Edison: 'He's one of our great geniuses'

  16. Industrials at record highs, and four stocks could be best chance to play catch-up

  17. Trump demands Apple unlock iPhones: 'They have the keys to so many criminals and criminal minds'

  18. US drinking water widely contaminated with 'forever chemicals': Report

  19. We cozy up 'like little sardines': Meet the youth delegates camping in subzero temperatures at Davos