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  1. US existing home sales rise, boosted by lower interest rates

  2. Instagram denies viral terms-of-service hoax that tricked Rick Perry, celebrities

  3. JP Morgan to scrap digital wallet app Chase Pay

  4. Trump appears to laud Germany's negative yields, says country is 'being paid to borrow money'

  5. IMF warns that currency devaluations will not fix a country's economic problems

  6. 'Spider-Man' divorce is bad for Disney and Sony

  7. Greece promises US it won't help an Iranian oil tanker reach Syria

  8. Target shares hit record highs after the retailer blows out earnings estimates

  9. Zoom's founder left a 6-figure Silicon Valley job because he wasn't happy—it made him a billionaire

  10. 'Mr. Wonderful' Kevin O'Leary: 'There is no recession coming in America'

  11. Bernie Sanders releases plan to double union membership as Democrats fight for labor support

  12. Lowe's analyst sees 'big turnaround potential' and possibly 80% upside for stock

  13. Whole Foods CEO on plant-based meat boom: Good for the environment but not for your health

  14. The 5 US colleges that pay off the most for business students

  15. Morgan Stanley: Risk of a global recession is 'high and rising'

  16. Trump says the Fed is the 'only problem' with the economy, calls Powell 'a golfer who can't putt'

  17. Bank of America CEO Moynihan says the consumer is doing well and will keep US economy going

  18. Hedge funds are dumping tech stocks for health care

  19. Target CEO: The US trade war creates 'uncertainty' and 'complexity'

  20. Fitbit wins deal with Singapore to supply trackers to potentially hundreds of thousands of citizens