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  1. U.S. tops 'unfathomable' milestone of 100,000 Covid hospitalizations: 'We're all on edge'

  2. Obama will take coronavirus vaccine and might film it to build confidence – 'I trust this science'

  3. CDC director warns the next few months could be 'the most difficult in the public health history of this nation'

  4. American Airlines starts Boeing 737 Max flights to boost confidence in jets after fatal crashes

  5. Porsche investing $24 million in 'e-fuels' to supplement electrification of sports cars

  6. Ciara and ex-Lululemon CEO launch new clothing brand with 'more to it than fashion'

  7. UPS places shipping limits on some retailers as holiday shopping heats up, report says

  8. 'This is going to be challenging:' How the UK will roll out Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine

  9. Researchers hope sensor-based system can help farms detect ammonia and combat air pollution 

  10. A renowned wine touring region that welcomes kids

  11. Pent-up demand will define the next leg of the bull run, Jim Cramer says

  12. XPO Logistics CEO says company is in the middle of the 'e-comm boom'

  13. CDC says 14-day quarantine best way to reduce Covid risk, but 10- and 7-day periods work in some cases

  14. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon says Walmart+ will focus on experience and gradually add perks as it scales up

  15. Trump Covid vaccine czar says U.S. should be able to immunize nearly a third of population by end of February

  16. Cramer urges Biden to heed lessons of Trump's China trade war: 'Taking a hard line gets results'

  17. Nursing homes create 'perfect storm' for Covid outbreaks as cases and deaths surge again

  18. Covid patients at some Rhode Island facilities already being moved to field hospital, CEO says

  19. No bubbles, but NFL playoff training camps likely if Covid-19 cases continue

  20. COO of Jeff Bezos' space venture Blue Origin is leaving to pursue other opportunities