1. Scotland Rejects Independence From Britain in a Close Vote

    The outcome, projected by the BBC, headed off the political, economic and military imponderables that would have accompanied a divorce from the United Kingdom.

  2. DealBook: Pound Rises on Early Results of Scottish Vote

    Early indications that Scotland would remain in the United Kingdom gave a lift to the British currency and suggested that the benchmark stock index in London would open higher.

  3. DealBook: Rush to Invest in Alibaba, but Concerns Linger About the Company’s Future

    Once the so-called smart money piles into a stock, it’s usually time to start asking dumb questions. And with Alibaba, there are many.

  4. DealBook: Alibaba Raises $21.8 Billion in Initial Public Offering

    The Chinese Internet juggernaut priced its shares at $68 each, which will help make the initial stock sale one of the biggest on record.

  5. DealBook: Fed Rebukes U.S. Branch of Santander

    Santander Consumer USA paid a second-quarter dividend, which it was forbidden to do after it failed a stress test in March.

  6. DealBook: Bayer to Spin Off Plastics Group to Focus on Health Care

    The listing of the polymer business is the latest step as Bayer, which started in Germany in 1863 as a chemical company, shifts to focus primarily on health care.

  7. DealBook: Alibaba, With Its I.P.O., Mints Millionaires and Risk-Takers

    The Chinese city of Hangzhou is where Jack Ma started Alibaba and where many other people dream of lucrative start-ups.

  8. In Closing Arguments, Arab Bank’s Role in Flagging Terrorists Is Debated

    The federal civil trial, in Brooklyn, pits the bank against victims of terrorist attacks in and around Israel that they say were carried out by Hamas.

  9. As Moscow’s Landfills Near Limits, Recyclers Do Whatever It Takes

    A small but growing movement is working to make it easier to recycle household waste, and advocates say Moscow’s brimming landfills could use the relief.

  10. Larry Ellison Says He Is Done as Chief at Oracle

    The top job at the database giant will be shared by Mark V. Hurd, now co-president, and Safra Catz, who is co-president and chief financial officer.