1. Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller Reach Tentative Agreement on Merger

    The deal, if completed, would combine the world’s two largest brewers, creating a behemoth that has annual revenue of $64 billion that commands 30 percent of global beer sales.

  2. Ireland, Accused of Giving Tax Breaks to Multinationals, Plans an Even Lower Rate

    The country will cut its 12.5 percent corporate tax rate in half for revenues pegged to patents and other intellectual property.

  3. Volkswagen, in Future Cars, to Adopt New System for Controlling Diesel Emissions

    The automaker will use a selective catalytic reduction control system on its future diesel engines in Europe and North America, where a scandal erupted last month.

  4. Sale of Royal Mail Stake Nets $907 Million for British Government

    The government sold a 13 percent stake to institutional investors overnight and will complete its exit by giving its remaining shares to employees of the postal service.

  5. Worldpay Shares Rise 6 Percent After I.P.O. in London

    The offering valued the British payment processor, which is owned by the private equity firms Advent International and Bain Capital, at about $7.4 billion.

  6. Volkswagen Says Diesel Repairs Will Vary in Europe and U.S.

    Volkswagen’s top executive in Britain, Paul Willis, faced skeptical members of Parliament during testimony on the auto company’s emissions scandal.

  7. China Sept. Dollar-Denominated Exports Fall 3.7%, Less Than Expected; Imports Sink 20.4%

    China's September exports fell 3.7 percent from a year earlier, less than analysts had expected, while imports fell by 20.4 percent, their 11th consecutive month of decline.

  8. DealBook: In a Flurry of Deals, the Beginning of the End?

    Mergers and acquisitions are on track for a record year, with nearly $3.5 trillion worth of transactions. And that may signal the beginning of the end of a bull market.

  9. Business Briefing: 6 Arrested in Air France Fracas That Sent Managers Fleeing

    French prosecutors say six people have been arrested in connection with a melee at Air France’s headquarters that left two executives shirtless.

  10. Barclays Said to Weigh James Staley, Ex-JPMorgan Banker, as Chief

    Mr. Staley, now with the hedge fund Blue Mountain Capital, might be a provocative choice, not least because he’s American.