1. Questions for E.C.B. as Europe Faces Headwinds

    Eurozone growth has improved since the central bank began its stimulus program, but there are new uncertainties in European and global economies.

  2. Wall St. Is Higher as Chinese Shares Extend Their Drop

    Shares in the United States climbed on Wednesday and European shares were rising, shaking off a global rout the previous day.

  3. Chief of ASOS, British Online Retailer, Steps Down

    Nick Robertson turned the fast-fashion start-up into an Internet force with a devoted following of 20-somethings and a host of celebrity fans.

  4. Dutch Court Says Gas Producer Must Compensate Homeowners in Quake Zone

    The ruling could result in billions of euros of claims by homeowners near the giant Groningen field against a joint venture by Shell and ExxonMobil.

  5. Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn to Have Contract Extended to 2018

    Top directors at German carmaker Volkswagen plan to give a two-year contract extension to CEO Martin Winterkorn, who emerged on top of a power struggle this year with company patriarch Ferdinand Piech.

  6. Price of Crude Oil Tumbles After Soaring for 3 Days

    As benchmark crude fell by nearly 8 percent, ConocoPhillips said it was cutting its global work force by 10 percent, or 1,800 jobs.

  7. Agency Reduces Estimate of Faulty Airbag Inflaters in the United States

    An official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said some vehicles had been counted twice or sold outside the United States.

  8. Stocks Dive as Worries About Asia Reverberate

    The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index closed down nearly 3 percent and the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 469 points as turbulence continued.

  9. Pessimism Pervades Mexico as Economic Promises Fall Short

    As Enrique Peña Nieto prepares to reboot his presidency, the Mexican economy is being pummeled by forces beyond the government’s control.

  10. Google Antitrust Inquiries Spread Over Globe, With India the Latest Problem

    While Google’s biggest regulatory challenge remains in Europe, authorities around the world are investigating its practices, with a report from India’s competition commission its latest problem.