1. China, in Surprise Move to Prop Up Economy, Cuts Interest Rates

    The action, which comes at a time of increasing anxiety over global growth, helped buoy stocks around the world.

  2. For Trade Deal with U.S., E.U. Official Reinforces Plans to Press Ahead

    The new European trade commissioner said she and her American counterpart were “very, very committed to push forward” with long-stalled talks.

  3. DealBook: Sotheby’s Chief to Step Down; Drew Fire From Loeb

    After the hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb called for sweeping changes, the auction house said the departure of William Ruprecht was “by mutual consent.”

  4. Mario Draghi Says E.C.B. Will ‘Do What We Must’ to Stoke Inflation

    In a speech, the European Central Bank’s president indicated that further stimulus measures were likely to be taken in a bid to avert deflation.

  5. DealBook: Senate Spars With Goldman Sachs Over Commodities

    Senator Carl Levin hammered away at Goldman Sachs’s practices at its aluminum warehouses, which he said led to changes in the metal’s price for American companies.

  6. Nintendo Tries to Energize Wii U Sales With Amiibo Toys

    A collection of toy figurines that will interact with a video game is Nintendo’s entry into an already flourishing market.

  7. China Surprises With Interest Rate Cut to Create Growth

    The first such move in more than two years comes as factory output has stalled and the property market, long a pillar of the economy, has remained weak.

  8. Japan Orders Takata to Investigate Flawed Airbags

    The transportation department’s demand breaks with tradition by turning its focus directly toward a parts supplier, rather than to an automaker.

  9. Airbus Wins Delta Order on Promise of Delivery

    Boeing was the loser in the heated contest, in part because it couldn’t deliver planes quick enough for Delta.

  10. DealBook: Britain Drops Its Challenge to Cap on Banker Bonuses

    The country abandoned its effort after an adviser to the Court of Justice of the European Union rejected all of the country’s claims on Thursday.